Greeting cards



Kartki okolicznościowe

Good taste ambassadors

Instead of pre-assembled bulk goods, consumers increasingly prefer an individual touch. Especially when it comes to personal relationships. Since duplex inkjet devices have been available, the photo retailer or the photographer has been able to produce professional, individual greeting cards that meet every customer’s requirements. Even small print jobs are no obstacle. Not just used to convey holiday or festive greetings, individually-designed cards are produced and sent for all possible occasions. The variety is huge. Whether for birthday, christening, children’s birthday, communion/confirmation, (school) graduation, wedding, when moving into one”s own home, professional or private anniversaries, or in the commercial area as an invitation or gift coupon, the specially prepared card is now an established, welcome ambassador used in cultivating relationships. The designs and possibilities are as diverse as the occasions themselves. Thanks to duplex printing, folding cards printed on both sides are the “fast seller” in self-processing specialist photo shops and of the portrait photographer. Individual greeting cards in many different formats and designs can be produced by all inkjet devices within the Noritsu range.

A detailed article in the “Imaging Markt“ customer magazine (Edition 1-2 2015, pages 30 to 37) linked to this article describes how to arrange, print and assemble greeting cards. This in-house publication also often describes interesting marketing concepts from colleagues. Naturally, we also deliver suitable peripheral equipment for the Noritsu Duplex Lab, such as creasing-and-cutting devices, devices for assembling, and various paper for greeting card production.